50 facts about me

This is a list of 50 random facts about me, so you get to know a bit of my weirdness. Here you go!

  1. I love playing pool.
  2. I know how to go from a handstand into a bridge, but I have never done gymnastic in my life.
  3. I have played volleyball for 9 years.
  4. The only food that literally makes me gag is crepes.
  5. I love watching movies.
  6. My sister, dad and uncle were all born on the same day (of different years of course).
  7. I really do not like Android.
  8. My eyesight is so bad that my glasses are the first thing I wear in the morning and the last one I take off at night.
  9. My favorite shoes are Chuck Taylor All Star (black).
  10. I rarely drink alcohol, I only do when I like the taste of it.
  11. I love anything mango-flavored or lemon-flavored.
  12. My bunny used to have the name of a Roman Emperor.
  13. My body is covered with moles.
  14. My favorite color is black.
  15. I have been a foreign exchange student.
  16. The first concert I went to was an Avril Lavigne concert, and it was on my birthday.
  17. My hands are always cold.
  18. I need to have a lip balm with me all the time.
  19. I knew how to play the piano as a kid.
  20. I love corgis.
  21. I pee a lot (my friends and family can confirm).
  22. I am a bit obsesses with tidiness.
  23. I do not have a driver license (yet).
  24. My favorite season is summer.
  25. I have been learning English and German since 1st grade, and my first year of high school I also started Spanish.
  26. I love the sound of rain.
  27. I am the only one who thinks my jokes are funny.
  28. Buying new books makes me happy.
  29. I used to sing in a choir.
  30. Sunflowers and daisies are my favorite kinds of flowers.
  31. The very first time I walked was on the sand.
  32. I am a real procrastinator.
  33. The scent of freshly baked bread soothes my soul.
  34. I do not have a second name.
  35. I am a scarf lover.
  36. The only pieces of jewelry that so far have a meaning to me and that I constantly wear are a silver necklace and a gold earring.
  37. I do not even remember the last time I went to the hairdresser.
  38. I do not smoke cigarettes and never will.
  39. I love singing even though I suck.
  40. I like putting make up on, but I have zero problems in going out without it.
  41. I am better at writing in English than in Italian.
  42. Nirvana is my favorite band.
  43. One of the most attractive things to me is curly hair.
  44. I hardly ever wake up past 9 am, no matter what time I go to bed at.
  45. I absolutely love going to the theater.
  46. Mosquitos apparently love my eyes, I get bites on my eyelids all the time in summer.
  47. I talk to myself.
  48. No matter how many mugs I own, there is always room for a new one.
  49. I do a lot of things with my left hand even though I am right-handed.
  50. My biggest fear is losing the people I love.

Author: Marta Nepi

Vegan | Italy

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