Read this if you feel lost and don’t know what to do with your life


I bet everybody feels lost sometimes, but one thing is not knowing where you physically are, and another one is not knowing what to do with your life.

Well, these past few weeks I’ve been feeling very lost, and definitely not in the physical way, so I want to share with you some thoughts and tips that helped me go through this hard period (because yes, it’s hard, and it’s totally okay).

First of all talk to someone, it is soo important to tell people how you feel and what’s going on in your mind. When you feel lost 90% of the time it’s because your thoughts are all going in different directions and you can’t figure out what you want. So what’s better than having external opinions from someone close helping you figure out what you need to do to find your path?

Another good thing to do is to think about what you don’t like about your current situation, what you would like to change, and then find a possible solution or alternative for each one of those things. I, for example, didn’t like the college I was in, it was making me miserable and unhappy, so I wrote down a few ideas to change that situation, even the weirdest ones, the more you have the better it is.

Something else that made it easy to understand what I wanted to do was thinking about all the things that I could spend hours on end doing. Now, stop for a second and think, what could you do all day long that would even make you forget to eat? That’s what you’re passionate about, that’s what sets your soul on fire, so go pursue it.

My point is, we are all different and college is not for everybody, just like sports aren’t, or singing, or whatever else. You are unique, so find what makes you happy the most, and try to live in such a way that lets you enjoy a bit (or a lot) of that every day. But also remember that life is a journey, and every single one of us has to deal with discomfort and pain, no one excluded.


Author: Marta Nepi

Vegan | Italy

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