Why eating a plant based diet is not as expensive as people think it is

You have no idea how many times I’ve heard someone asking me “how can you afford being vegan?”
And what comes to mind is another question: where did the idea that vegan food is expensive come from?

If you think about it, foods like rice, beans, vegetables, pasta, are usually very cheap and nutritious, and if you buy in bulk or seasonally it’s even cheaper. So why does everybody think it’s expensive?

Well I came to the conclusion that nowadays most people, when they walk in the store, see many food items with the vegan trademark or in the “veggie section” that seems pretty overpriced for what they actually are. An example is fresh organic cold pressed juices, or “superfoods” such as green powders, certain seeds and berries, or prepackaged fancy items.
All those specialties can definitely be very expensive, what people don’t realize though is that those are only a very small percentage of what vegans eat, and they are not considered staples by any means.

All plants are vegan, and all of them are very nutritious, you don’t need any of those fancy foods to survive, they are good for you indeed, but they’re not necessary.
So the focus should be on buying simple whole plant foods, such as beans, grains, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, etc., and eat a variety of those.

An additional tip to save money on a vegan diet is buying non perishable foods in bulk when possible.
If you know you consume a lot of rice for example, it’s usually better to buy in big amounts rather than small packets. It might seems too much to come back home with 5 kg of rice and a bag of beans twice the size of your head, but 90% of the time that will end up being cheaper than buying many small packets. You can get the kind you prefer here and have them delivered right at your door.

And let’s not forget that loads of people benefit from this diet also in terms of health, which implies a decrease in medicines to take and prescriptions, resulting in spending less on health care, because we all know that being sick is expensive.

Hence being vegan is actually very cheap, and I can guarantee you that if you can afford meat and dairy you can afford plants as well.


Author: Marta Nepi

Vegan | Italy

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